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Queensland Mental Health Week 2019: Take Time for Mental Health

Mental Health First Aid

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Queensland Mental Health Week 2019

Saturday, 5th of October, marks the start of Queensland Mental Health Week. Hundreds of local and regional events will be held from October 5-13 to celebrate mental health week.

The focus of QMHW 2019 is to deepen this year’s theme: Take Time for Mental Health.  The idea behind this theme is to promote six actions that have been proven to improve mental wellbeing: Take notice, Be active, Keep learning, Care for our planet, Connect, and Give.

Mental illness affects a large proportion of the population, both in Australia and the rest of the world. A mental health disorder affects one in five Australian adults, and slightly less than half receive treatments. One of the main barriers to treatment is stigma.

Mental Health Week serves as a great opportunity to boost awareness of several mental illnesses and how to combat stigma. It’s also the perfect time to learn and understand several issues that contribute to poor mental health.


Get Involved

This week-long celebration is an opportunity for NGOs, local councils, services providers, workplaces, schools, universities, and other community groups to promote individual and community mental health.

Individuals and organisations are encouraged to host a series of mental health awareness activities and get others involved by sharing the details through the central site, social media, and social networks.


Raising Awareness

There are a variety of ways you can participate in raising mental health awareness this week. Share relevant blogs and articles through social media. Participate in the mental health conversation by using the hashtags #QMHW and #QMHWTakeTime. If you’re comfortable doing so, you can start by sharing your own mental health story with others.

For people who are less aware of deteriorating mental health and reluctant to act on early signs, this week is a good time to reflect on mental illness in our society, where we are, and where are we heading with this issue.


Break the Stigma

One great way to get involved in Queensland Mental Health Week is attending a Mental Health First Aid Course. Learn the difference between mental wellbeing and mental illness, the role of early intervention, and the promotion of good mental health. Understand the common risk factors and recognise the signs of mental illness.

Mental Health First Aid Training will teach you how to effectively guide a person with mental illness towards the right support, be that self-help or professional services.


Take Time for Mental Health

This Mental Health Week, practice a small act of kindness. Volunteer, or simply help a friend in need. Give your time, words and presence to value mental health.

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