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What Goes In A Baby First Aid Kit?

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The arrival of a newborn can be an exciting and scary time. You may be wondering what parenthood will bring and how you can best care for your child. Part of your new responsibilities for your child will be ensuring their safety and health. You can do this in a variety of ways. At FirstAidPro, we recommend completing a Childcare First Aid Course and creating or purchasing a baby first aid kit as a priority.

This can help you and your wider family and friends prepare for the baby’s arrival so that you know no matter who your child is with; they will be equipped to handle a potential emergency situation. Childcare First Aid courses are less than a day long, and you can organise someone to come to your residence or business to deliver them, making it a teambuilding and fun experience for your nearest and dearest.

Whilst baby first aid kits are easily purchased at stores or online, or you can go shopping and create your own. Just remember to make sure that you buy the essentials and continue to check expiry dates and the number of products left as your infant grows.

Why Do I Need A Baby First Aid Kit?

A baby first aid kit will ensure you are best prepared if an emergency or sudden illness occurs to your child. Having supplies ready to go will make sure the infant receives the care they need immediately, without waiting for medicine or essentials. You can change the contents of your kit as your baby grows older, and it is worth keeping one at home and with you at all times. This will allow you to maintain their safety and be prepared in any eventuality.

If you have a standard first aid kit in your home, then it is worth asking would the tools and supplies in that first aid kit help if your baby’s life was in danger or if they had injured themselves? Parents should be aware that an infant will often require different items than a standard kit offers. This isn’t to say that if it’s the only thing you have to hand in an emergency, it isn’t useful. It can be. However, you will find more relevant apparatus in a first aid kit designed for babies’ needs.

What Should I Put In My Baby First Aid Kit?

A baby first aid kit should contain the following items to have the best chance of helping in an emergency.

Gauze Pads Or Cotton Balls

These will help cover any small wounds or scrapes your baby may experience. Remember to use an Antiseptic spray and clean the wound first.

Nail Clippers

Your baby’s nails will grow quick! It’s good to keep a nail clipper handy so that you can keep their nails short and prevent them from scratching themselves or you.


Make sure the thermometer you purchase is age-appropriate. This will be a great tool for quickly determining if your baby has a fever or feels under the weather.

Saline Drops And Nasal Aspirator

These will be a lifesaver when your baby has a stuffy nose or is experiencing cold or flu symptoms.


Helpful for any splinters that your baby may get.

Alcohol Wipes

Keep all of your equipment clean and sterile, and make sure that your baby avoids any infection.

Petroleum Jelly

Use this to protect your little one from nasty nappy rashes and more.

What Next?

As your child passes 6 months, the kit will need to be updated to include Benadryl, Ibruprofen for fevers and pain, Antibiotic Treatment, Bandages, alcohol wipes, and Hand Sanitiser Gloves, Gauze tape and scissors.

How Can I Best Prepare For My Baby’s Arrival?

Becoming a new parent is hard, and you may have a range of questions about what to do to ensure they grow up happy and healthy. BabyWonderland offers incredible insights and articles which can help you with a range of questions and give you a starting point on your preparation journey.

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