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The What, How, And Why Of White Card Course

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Anyone who wants to work in Australia’s building and construction industry needs to secure a white card by completing an accredited training White Card course.

White Card FAQS

The White Card or CPCCWHS1001 – Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry is a mandatory requirement for Australian construction workers. It is proof that an individual has undergone the proper training and certification for such a role.

The training involves learning the basic risk management principles in construction and injury and illness prevention. It tackles selecting and fitting personal protective equipment (PPE) used for work. Lastly, it covers Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) legislative requirements in Australia.

No worker can enter, let alone secure a position in a construction site without a White Card. It applies to all roles, including labourers, tradespeople, site managers, supervisors, and surveyors. Most employers prefer applicants to complete the training face-to-face.

See the fact sheet to know your state and territory requirements for construction training.


To qualify for a white card, one must first complete a General Construction Induction Training with an RTO.

The instructor will conduct presentations, videos, and activities throughout the course. There will be assessments and tests at the end of the day, which the participants must pass to secure a card. Upon successful completion of the course, the White Card or a Statement of Attainment is issued.

Having a card permits a person to start work on a construction site throughout Australia. The Safe Work Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, or ACT will issue a plastic card with your registration within 60 days. The certification will remain valid unless you do no work in the construction industry for two full years or more.

The course is available for anyone intending to work in the construction industry. However, it does require a functional grasp of English, both in terms of communication and comprehension.

Relevant assistance and support can be made available upon request from the RTO provider.


White CardWhite Card Training provides a clear overview of safety hazards at work. More importantly, it will teach awareness on responding and coping with different emergencies, leading to fewer work-related injuries.

Here are four reasons why White Card training is a requirement for people in construction.

Learn The Importance Of Safety

Safety is an essential feature of any workplace. A worker who knows the guidelines and strictly follows them can help maintain a safe working environment.

The training teaches workers to identify hazards, how to make reports, and how to act accordingly.

Prepare For Current (Or Future) Work Environments

The induction training helps the worker to prepare for his working environment. The PowerPoint presentations included in the course will state the guidelines, and there will be role-playing scenarios to act out real-life situations.

Learn Something New

A training or refresher course in construction ensures that the person remembers safety guidelines or gets new information about the job.

Provides Better Employment Opportunities

Most construction companies look for candidates with training and qualifications under their belt. Having a White Card under the skills and certificate part of the resume puts a person at more of an advantage when seeking out such a role.

And in addition to boosting employability, it also makes them qualified for different kinds of jobs.

How Long Does A White Card Be Valid?

A White Card remains valid provided the person remains working within the construction industry. Doing no work in the construction industry for two consecutive years or more will render the card invalid.

An invalid card will require the worker to retake the course to obtain another card. This rule applies to all states and territories within Australia.

White Card Brisbane

In conclusion, White Card training is more than just a mandatory work requirement. It also promotes workplace safety.

Completing the course will raise awareness of best practices that help eliminate hazards and risks resulting in injuries and fatalities. Make sure to get the best training available in your state.

First Aid Pro offers White Card Training in training venues Australia-wide. More information is available on our website.

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