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Whether we are in lockdown or increase COVID-19 safety measures, one aspect remains essential in the online first aid training.

In the COVID-19 era, many workplaces and individuals across Australia are putting extra effort to control the spread of the virus. The same goes for providers that deliver first aid training. There is strict social distancing rule, sanitation of facilities and equipment, hand-washing measures, and many more.

In this blog, we’ll cover the online first aid training courses, as well as in-person options available to your organisation and team members.

Importance Of First Aid Training

The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC), along with all work health and safety (WHS) regulators agree that first aid training should continue to be made available in a COVID-safe way.

Having qualified first aiders to help reduce the strain on hospitals, care facilities, and the overall Australian health system. A trained first aider knows how to recognise and treat a wide-range of injuries and illnesses at home and in the workplace. Minor injuries can be treated right away without the need to call an ambulance. There is no need to send these types of injuries to an already overstretched accident and emergency department (A&ED).

Brisbane First Aid Courses continues to deliver face-to-face (F2F) and blended online training to ensure everyone has continuous access to first aid skills and knowledge. Continuous access to such skills will help contribute to a safe place of work and at home.

Online First Aid Training VS Face To Face Classes

First aid training is currently being offered in two modes – classroom-based and blended online with a practical assessment.

First Aid Online

Blended online first aid training is a combination of online classes and in-class practical evaluation. The theory and information part of the course is offered to students through online modules. It allows for the in-class component to focus on skills development and the application of theory while under the supervision of a qualified First Aid Instructor.

In a First Aid Online course, the standards remain the same. The only difference is students will need to complete a reduced time for assessment and skill evaluation in one of our training venues upon completing the online component.

Face To Face (F2F) Class

F2F training remains the gold stand of many first aid courses, and with good reason. The more practical the course, the greater the benefit of getting in-class training.

In a face-to-face course, everyone gets the opportunity to practice the practical element of the training. The instructor brings along first aid equipment which students can have a go. It promotes correct practical techniques, so the students can complete the course knowing they are truly familiar with the material.

Annual Refresher Training

Along with these two training options is the annual refresher training for First aid and CPR. If you are unable to get a full F2F refresher course due to conflict, we support the use of blended online refresher training to keep your skills up to date.

Refresher courses are taken on specific dates to maintain the competency of your first-aid certificate.

Before you decide which training options to go for, make sure you have thought about the limitations and benefits of each method.

Why Choose Us?

First Aid Pro is proud to deliver safe and essential first aid training to individuals, workplaces, and organisations across Australia. We operate to the highest standards of hygiene, health, and safety to ensure the safety of our staff and students. We deliver our training courses according to the latest guidelines of the Australian government. We follow advice on social distancing, infection control and incorporate revisions on our training techniques accordingly.

First Aid Pro offers an innovative approach to first aid training, both online and face to face, to help you meet your requirement. If you require first aid training, contact our team or visit our website to book online.

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