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Workplace Safety: 4 Steps To Manage Hazards And Risk

workplace safety

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Workplace Safety In The Workplace: Managing health and safety hazards is the key to achieving operational excellence in the workplace – whether it is for small, mid, or large businesses. A safe workplace is proven beneficial to everyone in terms of remaining healthy and injury free.

While employers are ultimately responsible for the health and safety of workers, everyone is responsible for keeping the workplace for themselves and others. By creating awareness of potential risks and hazards, there will be far less accidental injuries on the work site. Whether you’re working as a paving contractor or in an office, it’s important to be careful of hazards.

Understanding Workplace Safety

Workplace safety means a working environment at a business or organisation that encompasses all factors relating to safety, health, and well-being. It is the limitation of elements that can cause accidents or bring harm and other negative outcomes in the work area.

In most instances, workplace safety directly impacts the productivity and well-being of workers; thus, it also directly affects the quality of output. For this reason, employers must strive to create a safe environment that offers risk and hazard-free to their employees.

Safe Work Australia acts as the regulatory body for workplace safety in the country to ensure that all businesses have a safety policy that follows the set national guidelines.

4 Ways To Control Workplace Risks And Hazards

Conduct Workplace Risk And Assessment

One of the most impact aspects of workplace safety is accurately identifying potential hazards in the workplace.

A good starting point is to conduct a thorough risk assessment, where you walk around the workplace and identify which activities, processes, or substances could cause injuries or harm workers’ health.

Depending on the type of work and your industry, there may be other hazards that are relevant to your business.

Create A Safety Handbook

In line with the guidelines from the occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) and Safe Work Australia, all businesses must draft and provide a safety handbook for all workers. Every worker must get acquainted with these safety guidelines and adhere to them at all times.

A safety handbook details all procedures when dealing with emergency situations such as fire outbreaks or natural disasters. It should be reviewed from time to time to ensure it stays in line with the national guidelines for workplace safety.

Designate Workplace Safety Officials (First Aiders)

Designate a first aider within each department. Choose an employee who has an eye for detail and can create and maintain incident records. Most importantly, they must be committed to ensuring the safety of everyone.

Having the first-aider role will give an employee a sense of ownership of his workplace contribution. The common responsibility includes but is not limited to providing first aid in an emergency, creating a first aid kit, regular inspections in work areas, etc.

Group First Aid Training

Create a safer workplace by providing your worker’s group first aid training. Train the employees with basic first aid procedures, including CPR, basic life support, bleeding management, and more.

Learning first aid as a group is a great idea for workplaces to create a more relaxed environment while taking part in the exercises and role-playing activities. It can be a fun team-building activity while covering all important lifesaving topics.

Most importantly, first aid training help workers learn to be more aware of risk and hazards, leading to a reduced number of accidents and injuries.

Get Trained

Safety in the workplace results in fewer injuries and accidents, which means less downtime and lesser worker compensation costs in the long run. In addition, the performance of employees is improved when they know how to prevent injuries and have confidence in stepping up in an emergency.

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