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How First Aid Training Can Improve Your Job Prospects?

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In the modern, super competitive workplace, a first aid qualification can help you stand out among the rest. It helps you become a useful employee, a person with a valuable skill set, and a compassionate human being. We all know that the world needs more of those nowadays.

Job Market In Australia

A study published in the Labor Market Portal Australia shows that Healthcare and Social Assistance will comprise the biggest chunk of the country’s labour market with 249,500 new jobs. This sector is closely followed by Accommodation and Food Services (139,900), Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (131,100), and Education and Training (118,600).

This data may make you feel like a very small fish in a large, overcrowded pond of candidates. You may have some worries about your credentials and what education, training, or experience will grant you an edge over them.

One of the most striking credentials to feature in your CV is first aid training certification. In this blog post, learn how first aid training matters in Australia’s continuing professional development (CPD) and how it can improve your job prospects.

First Aid In The Scheme Of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Australia’s labour system is unique in terms of putting a certain premium on career and professional development. Even today, the country requires its workers to take part in its Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program, in which you can accumulate points through attending events and completing training.

According to professionals, CPD is one key mechanism that maintains high standards of work practice. It maintains the relevance and currency of qualifications and experience for many industries. The formal CPD branch requires completing specialised short courses or attending industry-relevant events (conferences, seminars, etc.).

One great example to get CPD points is attending a first aid training course. Completing the training will get you a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment, a certification valid for 3 years, and corresponding CPD points.

Working in healthcare, social work, and aged care will require you to undertake first aid training. These credentials are also sought after by non-medical professionals that still oversee other people’s welfare, such as lifeguards, firefighters, and law enforcement. First Aid training is also a requirement for childcare providers in case someone suffers from allergies or asthma. Most employers nowadays, regardless of field, prefer their employees trained in this lifesaving assistance.

The rationale behind the CPD point system is to develop and maintain proficiency in your specialisation and the important fields of knowledge outside of it. Whatever your purpose may be, a first aid qualification will be of incredible use when looking for employment.

Improve Your Job Prospects Through First Aid Training

Experts say that there are solid reasons why first aid training could boost your career.

1. First Aid Is A Skill People Are Looking For

First aid training can make your CV stand out to hiring managers and employers in a competitive job market. First aid skills are considered a valuable asset to every workplace.

2. First Aid Certification Shows You Can Handle Stress

Anybody who has obtained a first aid qualification is proven to have a cool head to handle different emergency scenarios.

3. First Aid Training Shows That You Have Initiative.

Completing the training shows that you are a person who invests in self-improvement, creating opportunities for you. Showing initiative is also a valuable trait for every team member to have.

We hope these have been convincing and helpful facts that will encourage you to enrol and complete a First Aid Training course. We wish you the best of luck in building your career path in the future.

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