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Responsible Service of Gambling (RSG) Course

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6 Hours
– NO ONLINE + Face to Face Training & Assessment

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RSG Course

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Responsible Service of Gambling

Responsible Service of Gambling (RSG) Course

What is RSG?

RSG is the Responsible Service of Gambling (sometimes known as Responsible Conduct of Gambling or RCG). The Australian Government requires the RCG certificate if you plan to work in any establishment that houses any gambling. In the course, we teach how to detect signs of gambling addiction and how to best deal with the patron(s). The RSG certificate is usually required in addition to the RSA certificate.

Who is This Certificate For?

An RSG certificate is necessary anywhere gambling takes place (e.i: hotels, motels, clubs, casinos, pubs, etc.). It’s valuable for any hospitality employee to harbour, especially the team that works with the sales and assistance of gambling activities, similar to the following:

  • The Licensee
  • Gaming Supervisors
  • Gaming Managers
  • Gaming Employees

Course Length

Our RSA and RSG training course is one 6-hour seminar (face-to-face).

Do I Need the RSG Certificate?

Yes. If you plan on working in the gambling industry, you’ll need to obtain the RSG certificate. Each state has different rules concerning the amount of time granted to become certified. Refer to the following guide to see what your state’s regulations are: 

  • New South Wales: RSG is compulsory.
  • Northern Territory: You have three months from the start date of employment to complete and pass the RSG training.
  • Queensland: RSG is mandatory.
  • South Australia: You have six months from the start date of work to complete and pass RSG training.
  • Tasmania: RSG is compulsory.
  • Victoria: You have six months to complete and pass RSG training from the hire date. 

What are the Benefits of Completing this Course?

There are multiple benefits to acquiring your Responsible Service of Gambling (RSG) certificate before you even begin working in the gambling industry. If you know this is the path for you, set yourself apart from the other applicant’s by being certified before you even interview!

  • With Australia’s strict regulations regarding gambling, having this certificate will help you get hired quicker. 
  • The course is budget-friendly- a small investment for a big future!
  • You can claim it back in your tax return at the end of the financial year.

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