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Why First Aid Certificate Should Feature in Your Resume?

Why First Aid Certificate Should Feature In Your Resume?

What if I told you that first aid training could benefit your job role and enhance your career path?

Today’s employment sector is very competitive, and it can be a challenge to make your resume stand out from others. To put yourself ahead of the competition, you need to have a set of skills that will benefit potential employers.

A great section to have somewhere on your resume is a certification section. This area will let you showcase your interests, accomplishments, and role of responsibility to your future employer. First Aid Certification, for example, is a valuable addition that could help to enhance your employability.

Having a first-aid certificate on your resume is very attractive to employers for a number of reasons. Here’s why…

1. A first aid certification shows you can take initiative

Obtaining the first-aid certificate beforehand shows initiative in more ways than one. It suggests that you’re a go-getter, that you are the type of person who can embark on something useful without any outside incentive. The fact that you have gone out there and gained an extra qualification is a big deal for many employers.

Most companies would jump at the chance of hiring you because of your initiative and your go-getter attitude that will surely reflect in the workplace.

2.  A first-aid certificate is already required in the workplace

According to OSHA’s first aid requirements, one or more people in the workplace must have a first-aid certificate, whatever industry it may be. Having a first-aid certificate under your belt will give you the edge because the employer will choose someone with ‘qualifications’ to save time and money in training someone else.

3. First Aid skills are transferrable

The skills that come with a first-aid certificate are transferable to many other skills needed in the workplace. This includes the ability to keep a level head in a high-stress situation, compassion, decision making, problem-solving and focus.

4. First Aid Training saves the business time and money

Someone who undergoes first aid training can help employers identify the hazards present in the workplace to reduce the chance of accidents.

Workplace accidents are costly, and it often takes a long time to recover. But if there is a competent first aider such as yourself in the workplace, you can immediately provide first aid to injured colleagues before paramedics arrive. The damage and recovery time will be less; therefore, your first aid skills will save the business time and money.   

A first aid qualification from a registered training organization can truly benefit you and your job role. But let’s not forget that you may require first aid skills when out of work too. Knowing the basics of first aid and CPR could save your or someone else’s life.

Brisbane First Aid, a Nationally Recognised Training Organisation (RTO #40407) that offers first aid training courses in 25 great locations across Australia.

Get your first aid certificate today! For great deals and group discounts, visit our website or call 1300 694 850 to talk to our friendly staff.


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