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Mental Health First Aid Training in Brisbane a Success

Mental Health First Aid

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On March 11-12, Brisbane First Aid Courses held a successful Mental Health First Aid Training event in Brisbane. The course was facilitated by David Machen, a qualified and professional Mental Health First Aid Trainer, for 26 years.

What made this event a success were the instructor, co-facilitators and participants who all worked together to address mental health issues and share their own experiences to #BreakTheStigma about mental health.

“The past two days have actually been very uplifting. Just sharing experiences and helping people know that they are not alone. This event brought some people together to take an initial step towards recovery and wellness” -David Machen.

David had managed to engage the participants to explore their views on the meaning and understanding of mental health. Interactive discussions were put in place to help students share and reflect on their own experiences.

Based on the feedback from the participants, the course content was delivered clearly and effectively, and David demonstrated knowledge of the materials he presented.

Here are some of their comments:

“The delivery of the information is very well done. With difficult subject matter such as suicide and mental health, it can be daunting to talk about and difficult to unpack. The way in which this course delivers vital information to its students is fantastic.”

“Great engagement, sense of comfort and confidentiality when dealing with this topic”

“David maintained a relaxed learning environment, discussed not only course work but also shared personal experiences and allowed us to share ours. This made the course a highly valuable and informative experience! I thoroughly enjoyed the two days under David’s tutelage, as I’m sure my classmates did too. Thank you, David!”

“It was a very informative overview of how to approach and manage the subject of mental health and how to assist those who are struggling with a mental health issue. I think that this course is immensely valuable, especially considering the statistics of mental health issues in Australia. I am very happy I took part in it.”

Brisbane First Aid Courses held this event to bring the community together to raise awareness on mental health. It was great to see everyone coming together, and let’s continue to work towards improving access to better mental health information, service, and care.

Since the feedback from our MHFA Training event was positive, Brisbane First Aid Courses will be hosting other mental health training courses in the coming months.

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