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How to Choose the Right First Aid Training Provider

First Aid Training

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One of the best things an organisation can do to ensure worker safety is to provide first aid training. Considering that these courses are easily accessible and worth the investment, it makes sense to give the employees a lifesaving gift.

The Importance of First Aid training

First aid training should be one of the highest priorities in the workplace, especially if most people work in an office setting.

There have been many unintentional injuries across industries where employees accidentally hurt themselves while on the job. This mostly happens when working in an unsafe environment with machinery and chemicals.

All employers are responsible for the safety of everyone – employees, managers, supervisors, and even visitors. And of the best way to meet the business’ legal and moral obligation is to provide first aid to assigned individuals.

Having trained first aiders at work is beneficial in the event of an emergency. They understand steps to take during, and after an accident, thanks to the increased preparation and confidence learned in training.

Formal training helps everyone to be more safety-conscious in and outside the workplace, leading to a reduced number of accidents and injuries.

With first aid being valuable in all workplaces, getting the right training provider is vital. One that is trusted and can deliver quality training courses to the employees.

5 Qualities of a Good First Aid Training Provider

Here are important qualities to consider when choosing the right provider.

Understand Your Needs

A good training provider should ask the right questions to ensure they meet the business’s needs. They must understand the training objectives to offer the most suitable solution.

Custom content

First aid courses share similarities but choose the one that offers customised content. This means that they can provide beyond insights on the more generic topics of first aid, giving the participants the opportunity to apply it in real-life scenarios.

The ability to have customised content ensures everyone in the workplace receives the precise training to promote safety while complying with the WHS policies.


The last thing an organisation needs is an ineffective training delivery, where employees have a hard time absorbing the information covered.

Choose a training provider that offers different delivery modes – face-to-face, online, blended – where participants can select what works for them.

Qualified Trainers

Before choosing a provider, ask for the credential of their instructors to make a background check.

A qualified trainer must have years’ worth of experience in the field and have senior roles in the specific area of knowledge. This ensures they know the best practices in first aid and can provide the right training to employees.

Program Delivery

One important factor in selecting a first aid training provider is how they deliver their program or training modules.

Choose an organisation that provides training in various locations and has a record of delivering consistent training across states and cities.

Get Trained

When looking to ensure workplace safety, there are two things employers must consider – the correct type of course and the first aid provider who will deliver the training.

With many first aid training providers offering first aid courses, it can be difficult to choose the right one.

Make sure to look for ‘the one’ that understands the business needs, offers custom content and flexibility, has qualified trainers, and can deliver the highest quality training.

First Aid Pro Brisbane offers a wide range of first aid training programs designed for individuals and organisations to meet their regulatory requirements.

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