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How Much Does A First Aid Course Cost In Cairns?

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Most people understand the value of first aid training. No one wants to find themselves confronted with a medical emergency and left unsure what to do or how to help someone who’s sick or injured. But the tricky question is HOW to get training to respond to a first aid emergency. And even for those who know that first aid training isn’t hard to access, the question is – what will it cost me in time, money and effort?

The time question is an easy one – you can get comprehensive first aid training in just a single day. First Aid Pro’s flagship training program – HLTAID011 Provide First Aid – is a one-day course that provides full certification in first aid, suitable for most professional contexts. You can complete the course in one single-day session. And despite being a professional standard, it’s available to the general public.

But what about the cost? If you’re on a tight budget, is it still realistic to get accredited first aid training?

Cost Of First Aid Training In Cairns

The great news is that yes, first aid training is very affordable – you can get full first aid certification for less than $100. The entire HLTAID011 Provide First Aid course – including all course materials and certificates – will only cost you $97.

That gets you full, nationally recognised accreditation in first aid, meeting all government standards and accepted in most workplaces with a First Aid training requirement. The course is delivered in person by qualified trainers with many years experience and using the most up-to-date training techniques and materials on the market. The training includes certification in the fundamentals of first aid, CPR, and basic emergency life support (commonly known as “BELS”).

That’s a LOT for $97! You’d pay that much for a pair of jeans nowadays. Or a cut and style at the hairdresser.

Are you looking to shave the price down a little further? Well, while the best way to train (for many people) is face-to-face with a qualified expert, that’s not the only option. At FirstAidPro, we also have an online course option. While this does still require you to physically attend a training seminar for a couple of hours (it’s tough to practice and demonstrate CPR over the internet), most of this course is delivered and assessed through online training resources and videos. 

You can also complete the online course in your own time, according to your own schedule. So if you work better at 2am than 9am, this is the option for you!

And the great news is, it’s even cheaper – only $89 for the course.

Also, it’s worth knowing that FirstAidPro often has daily deals – on both the face-to-face and online courses – that can drop the price even further. So if you’re not on a time limit, you can pay even less by watching out for the deals and jumping on them when they come up!

We’re so confident that our prices are some of the lowest on the market that if you find an equivalent course with a lower price anywhere, we’ll match it!

Other Courses On Offer

Other first aid training possibilities are also available through FirstAidPro, each of which is equally good value.

Those working in the education and care sector will already know that teachers and childcare workers have additional requirements for first aid. These cover things like anaphylaxis, asthma, and other common childhood health issues. What you might not know is that FirstAidPro can provide that full training as a one-day course as well – for only $129.

If you’re JUST looking for CPR training (perhaps to maintain your annual certification), note that we also run CPR as a stand-alone course for only $45.

Be Prepared For An Emergency

The truth is, it only costs you a single day and the price of a moderate-quality pair of boots to be prepared for a variety of medical emergencies and ready to save a life. At that point, it’s a question of motivation. The only real obstacle is gathering the get-up-and-go to jump online and book yourself a course at a training centre nearby

That part is entirely up to you!

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