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CPR Renewal & Recertification – How to Get Recertified


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CPR training provides you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to help in an emergency. Individuals who have CPR certification are prepared to make a difference in the lives of others by being ready to jump into action in any life-threatening situation.

Once you have secured a certification, keep in mind that a CPR certificate remains valid for only one (1) year as per the Australian Resuscitation Guidelines. Keep an eye out for the expiry date and schedule a renewal course before time runs out.

Why CPR Is Important?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a critical lifesaving procedure that can mean life or death for someone in a medical emergency. It is performed in instances where a person’s heart stops beating, or their breathing is interrupted.

The performance of rescue breathing and rapid chest compressions mimics the person’s heartbeat to encourage blood flow. CPR can minimise the damaging effects and help stabilise the victim until additional help arrives.

Why Do You Need To Renew Your CPR Certification?

Given the delicate nature of this procedure, a person can easily forget the vital steps when performing CPR. Therefore, the CPR certification renewal is mandated by the governing authorities to ensure that the quality of resuscitation remains top-notch.

Studies show that many people who secure their certification are incapable of passing their skill and knowledge test just after a year of training. Therefore, the renewal process will help them hone their long-forgotten resuscitation skills and enhance their lifesaving knowledge.

Furthermore, the guidelines in providing CPR are susception to updates and changes. For example, the original ABC of performing CPR (airway, breath, compressions) was changed and is now taught as CAB (compressions, airway, breath).

Additionally, the number of breaths and compressions was also changed in the curriculum to better reflect based on the most recent research. Such changes are important that the Australian Resuscitation Council would want everyone to be aware of.

CPR renewal training will help you learn all the new techniques, ensuring effective administration of CPR steps.

How Does CPR Recertification Work?

To renew your CPR certification, enrol in traditional face-to-face training or register for an online zoom course. These options allow you to study the certification course in one of the training venues near you or complete the class online.

Registered training organisations (RTOs) like First Aid Pro offer different learning modes and fit your needs and your schedule. This works best for busy professionals who have a demanding work schedule or those who opt to take training at home.

CPR renewal is available for everyone, not just in the medical field, whose current certification has expired or is near the expiration date. In most high-risk jobs, a CPR certificate is required to renew months before the expiry date to ensure safety in the workplace.

An outdated certificate is as good as not having one. To benefit from your CPR certificate, you need to keep it renewed and up to date.

Get Trained

Keeping your CPR knowledge fresh and your first aid skills sharp can undoubtedly save lives. This is why you need to keep your competency current and refreshed at all times.

First Aid Pro is a trusted RTO in Australia, providing nationally recognised first aid and CPR courses to ensure that all of your lifesaving knowledge is updated with the most recent changes.

We offer both standard and refresher courses in First Aid and CPR. Get in touch with our team for all your qualification needs.

Learning the basics of lifesaving can be empowering, and it is something you will bring with you throughout your lifetime. Book a course today.

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