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What Is The Importance Of frequent First Aid Training For Seniors?

As people get older and their bones and muscles become weaker. They are more likely to have more severe problems from everyday accidents. These problems might be caused by falls or health conditions. People over 70 to 80 years of age are especially prone to health issues and if accidents occur, it is super important that they are treated right away!  

A first aid course is a great way to learn how to protect those you love and protect yourself as well! A first aid course can teach you some fantastic things you never knew you needed to know. I mean, who doesn’t love learning new things! As we get older, it’s important to stay curious and keep learning. So if you’ve never done a first aid course, now couldn’t be a better time to do one. If you’ve already done a first aid course, but it’s been a while, or you’re a senior looking for some help and feel as though you need an update on your training, reading this article will help you understand why you should do a first aid course. 

Why Should A Senior Do A First Aid Course?

A first aid course is a great course to do for anyone. However, if you are a senior, it can be even more important to do one. 

Why is that? In Australia, a senior is someone aged over 60+. Some seniors continue to work throughout their 60’s and onward; however, the majority begin retiring from their careers and start spending a lot more time relaxing, travelling, renovating, enjoying life and living the best they can! However, during these activities, seniors are sometimes more likely to injure themselves, especially without the proper precautions taken, and a lack of supervision. This is unlike a workplace or a controlled environment, which has many precautions and supervisors. Because of this, events like falling off a ladder, cutting yourself in the outback or even tripping on a branch can be much more deadly and have lasting effects.

This Is Due To A Combination Of Factors:

  • The body can be weaker in older age; healing is more complex and slow
  • Fewer people are around to supervise and check on you
  • Fewer people are equipped with knowledge of how to treat your wounds
  • Problems with vision and balance
  • Physically unfit or inactive

These factors create an environment that is dangerous for you and others. If any damage is done to the body, it can be hard to fix. If you have a fall or accident at home when no one is around, it can be hours before someone is there to help. This is why learning a first aid course can teach you the right things to protect yourself and others. 

A first aid course covers a range of essential topics which might help someone with a difficult medical situation. From minor cuts and bruises to asthma attacks and how to do CPR, our HLTAID011 – Provide First aid courses give you the knowledge and the skills to adapt to emergencies before help arrives and perform life-saving medical care such as CPR or use an EpiPen in certain situations. An HLTAD011 includes courses HLTAID010 Provide basic emergency life support, and HLTAID009 Provide CPR. This is an in-depth course which has vast amounts of information and helps everyone, especially seniors! Please remember that you will need to spend two minutes on your knees to demonstrate you are proficient in giving CPR.

Since older people are more prone to being in emergency situations, pre-existing conditions such as Asthma might be worse the older you get. This also means the frequency of these dangerous events occurring is higher. Having a first aid course has never been more important! 

A First Aid Refresher Course For Seniors

As a senior, it is important to jog your memory from time to time, and one of our first aid courses would be perfect for you! Our first aid courses are always up to date and accurate. We provide first aid training for all types of occupations and even can come to you. First aid courses are a popular way to learn all about first aid.

First aid course certificates need to be re-issued after three years. The CPR course needs to be completed every year to have an up-to-date and eligible CPR certificate. 

Certain vital aspects can be forgotten and updated, with memory being a potential problem with seniors, it is recommended that seniors do a first aid refresher course every 1-2 to years just to be safe. Doing a first aid refresher course will update you on new course information and even detail certain aspects of the first aid course. 

As you get older, you might even forget about important details from the first aid course, and when an emergency situation arises, you might be unprepared for what to do! This highlights the importance of doing a first aid refresher course. 

If you are a senior and one of your fellow mates has some trouble and requires first aid, your first-aid refresher course will have given you the confidence to act and provide first aid in an appropriate manner. This can help them significantly and save their life. So if you feel you aren’t confident in first aid, why not book in and become familiar? 

Are You Caring For A Senior? Do A First Aid Course!

If you care for a senior or your parent is a senior, doing a first aid course can help you and them in an emergency situation. Your parents might get themselves into tricky situations, which can turn into dangerous accidents. Seniors are more susceptible to issues that might cause serious injury and which a first aid training course will help with—both for people who are taking care of a senior or if you are a senior yourself. A first aid course can provide excellent skills, learning techniques, and with the constant development of our first aid courses, there is always something new to learn about!  You can even go in with your parents and have a good day learning about first aid together! 

How To Sign Up For A First Aid Course?

 At First Aid Pro, we make it simple and easy to sign up for any of the courses. We have a massive range of courses to choose from, a range of venues across every Australian state. We even offer great prices and daily deals on all our courses! To sign up for a first aid course, click here. Then all you need to do is select the course you wish to complete and a venue location. Select a time and hit the book button. It’s really that easy, so why not book today! 

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