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Can You Do A First Aid Course Online In Cairns?

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After the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, many people started working, studying and socialising from home. Now restrictions have begun to ease this is a trend that hasn’t started to slow down. More and more people have realised the convenience of being with their loved ones and getting their work done. 

Studying online also allows you to go at your own pace. This is why here at Brisbane First Aid Courses, we now offer our HLTAID011 Provide First Aid course online! We also offer options for CPR and Childcare First Aid. We’re all about convenience and care for our customers, so here is everything you need to know about doing a First Aid Course online. 

What Do I Need To Do Before I Begin?

Booking into a First Aid Course online in Cairns or any of our locations is quick and easy with our website and outstanding customer service team. 

Before you book into our courses, make sure that you have a USI. A USI is a Universal Student Identifier, and it is required for every person who completes a registered training course in Australia. Getting a USI takes 5 minutes on the government website, and you will need to have this before you can receive your certification. 

Once you have this and have booked and paid for the course, you will be sent your learning materials. This knowledge component can be stopped and started at any time, but it has to be completed before booking a practical assessment in your closest training venue. 

What Does The Course Cover?

The course covers everything which is included in the standard format. 

You will get to learn how to help casualties with the following conditions: 

  • Allergic reaction, how to provide First aid management
  • Anaphylaxis management using an EpiPen during first aid
  • Asthma management how to use Ventolin during first aid management
  • Non-life-threatening and life-threatening bleeding
  • Burn management and how to provide first aid
  • Cardiac conditions, including chest pain and chest pain causes
  • Choking, baby choking and choking first aid
  • Diabetes, type 2 diabetes, diabetes symptoms and how to call diabetes Australia for post-incident advice
  • The drowning, drowning and secondary drowning and how to perform CPR and use an AED
  • Envenomation and envenomation first aid
  • Eye injuries signs and symptoms
  • Fractures, types of fractures
  • Dislocations, shoulder dislocations
  • Strains vs sprains
  • Injuries to the head, neck and spinal injuries
  • Hypothermia and what is hypothermia
  • Hyperthermia and hyperthermia definition and First Aid management
  • Minor wounds and wound first aid
  • Nose-bleed, toddler nose bleed and nose bleed first aid
  • Poisoning, covering food poisoning and food poisoning symptoms
  • Seizures, types of seizures and first aid management
  • First aid for shock
  • Needlestick injury first aid
  • Stroke, stroke signs and stroke symptoms and first aid management

And more. 

Within the assessment, you will also need to show that you can perform 2 minutes of uninterrupted CPR (5 cycles of chest compressions and ventilations) on a manikin and operate an AED.

How Long Does It Take?

The course can take as long as you like! Depending on your prior knowledge and experience and if you are available to do the course in one sitting, it can be done relatively quickly. However, if you wish only to do 30 minutes or so a day, this is an option too. Our online courses are all about flexibility! 

The practical element takes just two hours compared to our complete face-to-face courses, which take 5 hours. 

Why Do I Need To Complete A Practical Assessment?

A two-hour practical assessment is required to demonstrate to an assessor that you can competently perform the skills required to pass the first aid course. It shows the registered training organisation that you have absorbed the skills and knowledge you’ve studied online. All online first aid courses provided by Registered Training Organisations such as Brisbane First Aid Courses require you to complete the practical requirements of the course under the guidance and instruction of a qualified first aid trainer. 

Can I Get My First Aid Certificate Online?

Yes! At Brisbane First Aid Courses, we provide a same-day certificate* service. This means providing you have given us the correct information, USI and completed the course successfully; you will receive a certificate in the form of a PDF before the day is over. This means you can easily attach the file to job applications and documents or print it out.

Any Questions?

Want to know more about the online process? Contact our friendly customer service team on 08 7120 2570 or send an email to:

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