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Autumn Season First Aid Safety Tips

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Autumn has finally arrived in the land down under. With long, cold nights drawing in, we thought to share some first aid tips to prevent injuries this season.

Autumn Season Is Here

The day grows shorter, the wind gets cooler, and leaves start to fall – this is how we known that autumn is here.

Autumn many people’s favourite seasons of the year, but it also brings plenty of opportunities for accidents and injuries. The falling of debris and the blanket of darkness may put people in danger without realizing it.

These dangers are an good reason to stay alert and practise safety precautions during an otherwise beautiful season.

Autumn activities can cause a wide range of injuries, including muscle strain and back pain from yard work, broken bones from falls, and head trauma from road accidents.

This time of the year, many people visit the hospital for treatment associated with these injuries. However, most are preventable with few simple precautions.

Whether you choose to venture outdoors or spend time indoors, take safety into own hands and learn first aid in case of emergencies. Being armed with the right information is essential to make it safely through the seasons without sustaining serious injury.

First Aid Tips For Autumn Injuries

From illnesses to injuries, there are seasonal changes that might directly impact health and wellness. Take these first aid precautions to protect yourself and others.

Watch For Back Injuries

One of the most distinctive occurrences of Autumn is that many leaves change colour and begin to gracefully fall in our lawns. Autumn winds can even make a mess of evergreen trees – breaking off limbs and scattering dead leaves. And the reality is that someone often has to clean up that mess.

Raking leaves and doing yard work is a high risk activity for back injuries.

Doing some warmup and stretches beforehand can help prevent back pains and shoulder strains. Remember to take breaks to relax the muscles and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

After completing the tasks, proper cool down will help relieve muscle tension.

Fight The Flu

The flu or influenza is a contagious disease common during autumn. It can infect the nose, throat, and lungs and cause a range of complications such as sinus infections.

To fight the flu, wash hands regularly and avoid close contact with those who have the symptoms. Wear appropriate clothing such as coats, jackets, scarves, and gloves for an extra layer of protection.

A yearly vaccine can also provide additional safety against flu complications.

For faster recovery from flu or other illness this autumn season, we suggest consulting your doctor.

Stay Hydrated

Many of us are less mindful of hydration when summer fades to autumn, and the temperature starts to dip. However, an active body requires plenty of water to prevent dehydration during cold weather.

Proper hydration allows the body to move better and avoid injury.

Fire Safety

During the autumn months, the fire hazards in the home come primarily from heating the space. In fact, there is even a drastic increase in the number of home fires during this time.

Get in the habit of replacing the batteries of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors as the season changes. Check the chimney to confirm it is free of debris, with proper ventilation.

Ensure that bricks, mortar, and liner are in good working condition. In addition, add a fireplace screen to keep the spark from flying all over the place.

Fall Safety

Slips, trips, and falls are one of the primary causes of injury in the autumn in Australia. Working in the yard or walking outside can pose a risk.

Rainy conditions and fallen leaves and branches can make the surface slippery and prone to tripping and falls. These can give rise to serious injuries, including sprains, bruises and broken bones.

To prevent slips and falls, use shoes or boots with a good grip and have rubber soles. These shoes can cut and hold into slippery surfaces to avoid accidents.

Early injury assessment can make a significant difference in recovery time and prevent injuries from deteriorating. When in doubt, have it checked out by a doctor.

Get Trained In First Aid

Autumn is a time for fun and family. Apply these first aid tips to practice to ensure a safe, enjoyable autumn season.

For more lifesaving and emergency safety tips, visit and book a first aid course today.

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