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6 Ways To Prepare Your Home From Bushfires

jo anne mcarthur

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Australia is known for the beauty of its reserves and parklands. However, living close to the bushlands has its risks, particularly during Bushfire season. Bushfires are part of the everyday life of most Australians, which requires homeowners to be prepared at all times.

With the devastating bushfires that swept the country in the past years, it is important to safety-proof your home. That way, you will have excellent protection for yourself and your family if an emergency happens.

We have put together a guide with bushfire safety tips to help prepare your home.

6 Ways To Make Sure You Are Not Caught Off-guard This Bushfire Season

1. Regularly Check And Update Home Fire Safety Equipment

All Australian households should stock up the right safety equipment, starting with smoke alarms and detectors. Make sure that installed smoke alarms at home are working by testing them regularly.

Note that smoke alarms should not last for more than 10 years old and should be upgraded from time to time.

2. Seal Your Home

Ember attacks account for about 80% of house losses during bushfires, usually starting with the roof. It is essential to look for, fix, and replace any broken walls or ceilings and tiles. Walk around the house and see if any part of your home needs to be repaired for cracks and missing parts.

3. Maintain Gutters Clean

Dead leaves and branches found in your gutters easily catch alight and are a common way for a fire to spread quickly. Cleaning out debris, leaves, twigs, as well as drains and downpipes before the start of bushfire season is a smart move on the homeowner’s part. These will help protect your home and surrounding properties when bushfires happen.

4. Keep Garden In Check

Keep in mind that long grass can spread the fire faster. Make sure to mow your lawns to boost your home’s protection regularly. Frequently trim the shrubs and remove any overhanging branches that reach your house. Keep the front and back garden clean and avoid cluttering the space with furniture and other materials that will quickly spread the fire.

5. Prepare Your Bushfire Emergency Plan

If a bushfire happens, make sure you know what steps and actions to take. Having procedures in place will help ensure the safety of all family members.

It is a good idea to discuss it with the family and take the time to practice fire drills. Make sure to include your pets in your bushfire plan. Have their small area ready and stock it with plenty of water, treats, and favourite toys.

Bushfire Emergency Kit

Make an emergency kit as part of your bushfire emergency plan. Keep your kit in an accessible location. Include necessary items in your first aid kit such as blankets, medications, bandages, spare batteries, important documents, etc.

Now is the time to start preparing your home for this bushfire season.

Preparation is not just about cleaning the house, repairing cracks, and having an evacuation plan. Being prepared is also about making sure that you are physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for emergencies.

A bushfire can be a terrifying and worrying situation. Strong winds that come with intense heat and flames will make you feel sick. The thick and heavy smoke from bushfires will also make it difficult to see and breathe. Burns, smoke inhalation, and other diseases may also occur.

Make sure you know how to respond to the threat of bushfires with preparation and learning First Aid.

For more information, contact your local fire station or control centre. In an emergency, call Triple Zero – 000.

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