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 6 Toy Safety Tips For Small Children


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Toys and games bring so much for kids and adults. Whether it is a puzzle game, building blocks, or even inventing their own, toy safety is essential to help them stay safe while having fun.

Toy Safety

Playing is not guaranteed risk-free – but as parents or guardians, we have control over most hazards children are exposed to. Knowing this, you must consider several factors when choosing materials to play with to avoid accidents.

Since 2011, Australia has recalled more toy-related injuries than the US. It is higher even though their consumer market is 18 times larger than Australia’s. One-third of those injuries (35%) occur to children four years and below. Most accidents involving toys happen when they accidentally trip over them. It also happens when they play certain parts not advisable for their age.

The creating and production process of toys has become safer over the years. Still, there are steps you can take to make sure your child will stay safe while playing them.

toy safety

Guidelines For Fun And Safe Playing

Injuries from toys mainly involve minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises. However, some materials or toy parts can cause severe injury or even death. It happens when small and dangerous items come into the hands of small children.

Protect your child from choking and other dangers by following these toy safety tips.

  • Choose The Suitable Toys For The Right Ages

When choosing a toy, make sure it is appropriate for a child’s age. Read instructions on the box or cover, then apply common sense and proper supervision.

When buying toys online or those produced in other countries, know that these often do not have the same labelling standards as Australia. Several safety factors usually determine the age appropriation level for toys. There are toys or a specific parts that may not be appropriate for your child.

  • Follow Battery Safety Guidelines

Most toys in the market nowadays are battery-operated. Problems can occur if batteries are not used or disposed of correctly. Small, disc-shaped batteries found in some electronic games and watches can present a choking hazard. If not early, this item can do severe damage to your child’s gastrointestinal system.

To avoid such incidents, do not leave any batteries lying around their play area. Make sure that your child knows to never put them in their mouth, nose, or ears.

  • Check For Sharp Ends

Small children always tend to put their toys near their mouths, eyes, and ears. Thus, these items mustn’t contain any sharp edges. When doing some toy shopping, choose those who are plus or made of soft rubber. Buy toys with rounded or dull edges.

  • Look For Labels

Each toy box should have age labels or the proper age allowed for children to play with certain toys. All art kits and materials should have a non-toxic title. It should also contain a note that it undergo proper evaluation and approval by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

  • Proper Supervision

Suppose it is the first time for your child to play with a new toy, make sure to inspect it before handing it to them. While the independent play is excellent, it is also important to supervise their playtime to ensure their safety.

In that way, you can correct any issues early. You can also take the stuff away if it appears unsafe.

  • Keep Toys In A Secured Bag Or Storage

Once playtime is over, make sure to put away all toys and secure them in a safe place. This way, the toys are hidden away from the prying eyes and hands of children.

Play Safely

No matter how much we try and avoid it, accidents and injuries still happen during playtime. The good news is – there are things you can do to make them feel better.

In a Childcare First Aid course, learn the best methods for patching up wounds, stocking a first-aid kit, and calming your little ones. It will help you prevent accidents by recognizing risks and potential toy hazards that could harm the children.

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