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5 Most Common First Aid Incidents During Christmas

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With the Christmas holiday just around the corner, it’s worth highlighting the value of knowing a little first aid to deal with the accidents and injuries which inevitably come with the festive season.

Christmas Injury Statistics

It is easy to forget about safety with all the fun and excitement at this time of year. But being unprepared and unfamiliar with the hazards lurking around the home can put everyone at risk.

According to reports, Christmas is the season for injuries. Hospitals and urgent care facilities are often at their busiest around this time of year. While some accidents are hard to avoid, there are a few common types of incident that we can prevent with a little extra care.

Below are the most common Christmas-related injuries that occur every year, along with first aid tips to help you treat them at home.

Top 5 Christmas Holiday First Aid Injuries

Festive Flames, Fires, And Burns

Potential fire hazards are present in most households in the form of candles, fairy lights, electric heaters, and fireplaces. Take particular care with these types of items, and be aware of exactly how they can be a fire danger. A little thought can help avoid sudden fires, shocks, or sparks that can quickly get out of hand and put everyone at risk.

There are different types of burn injury – with first, second, and third-degree burns being the most obvious distinctions. But all burns require quick and effective first aid treatment.

  • For a minor, first degree burn, cool the area by immersing it in cool tap water or applying cold compresses. Cover the burn with non-stick bandages and take an over-the-counter medication if the pain is unbearable.
  • For second degree burns, there is usually blistering or swelling. Apply a sheet of cling film over the wound to prevent infection. Cool the burn with water and put a dressing over. Go to the ER immediately.
  • For more serious burns, where the skin is discoloured or even charred, you should call 000 right away.

Dangers Of Alcohol

Excessive alcohol intake can reduce a person’s inhibitions, as well as their awareness of risks. In this situation, accidents are far more likely to happen in the kitchen, around the home, or in public.

Drinking too much can cause a person to collapse. If this occurs, first check for breathing and roll the person into the recovery position to maintain a clear airway. Stay with them, particularly if they are vomiting, as there is a risk of choking.

Also, never drink and drive!


With all the food that comes with the celebration, it is common to experience choking.

Choking occurs when food or foreign objects get stuck in the person’s windpipe. This condition effectively blocks the airway and stops breathing, a critical first aid situation.

For such situations, it’s very useful to know how to use the Heimlich Manoeuvre or other choking first aid strategies.

Heart Attack

The highest incidents of heart attack, stroke, and vascular diseases occur in months December to January.

First AidThe reality is that people are more likely to suffer from heart attack during the Christmas period – more so than any other time of year.

The stress that comes with the holiday, excessive eating, lack of physical exercise, and alcohol drinking can put considerable pressure on the heart. It’s a great idea to know the warning signs of heart attack and learn how to provide first aid for cardiac arrest.

Stress And Mental Health

For many people, this time of year often comes with feelings of frustration and stress. To avoid serious mental health issues, it’s important to look after oneself and keep in touch with others where possible. Let people know how you’re really doing, share the workload around, and remember that not everyone has the same feelings about the holiday.

Get support and give to others if you feel the need for it. Take a Mental Health First Aid Course for extra safety measures and to be able to help someone out in a mental crisis.

First Aid Safety

Even the celebration can turn into a life-threatening situation with the lack of preparation. Taking a first aid course allows you to care for yourself and others in a wide range of emergencies.

First aid training can come in very handy during the holidays. An individual who possesses life-saving skills and know-how to respond to emergencies can provide crucial assistance when things go wrong.

First Aid training also provides knowledge on use of an AEDperforming CPR, and much more.

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